About us

The founder of Bao Zhi Tang or Suankwangtung Clinic, Lin Zhi Shen, received his Traditional Chinese

Medicine degree from Beijing in 1984. Upon completion of his medical training, he was a doctor at

Guangzhou hospital for three years. In 1987, he brought Chinese Medicine to Thailand by treating

different patients, relieving them from many diseases, for a period of 7 years. Later on, Dr. Lin

further his education in Traditional Thai Medicine and received his medical license from the Ministry

of Health in Thailand. Subsequently, Dr. Lin established his own practice in Bangkok called Tha Din

Daeng Thai-Chinese Medicine, for 5 years. In 1999, Dr. Lin widened his scope of practice and

collaborated with health practitioners who specialized in Aesthetics. He moved his clinic from Tha

Din Daeng to the heart of Chinatown in Bangkok and renamed his practice, Bao Zhi Tang or

Suankwangtung Clinic. After 15 years of practice at Bao Zhi Tang, in 2010, Dr. Lin established his own

Chinese herbal medicine factory, BZT Trading Co. BZT Trading Co, located in Samut Sakorn, currently

produces more than 20 different herbal patents, specializing in diseases such as prostate

enlargement, herpes simplex, herpes zoster, infertility, and menopause.

In 2010, Dr. Lin turned over his practice to his son, Dr. Lin Yui Bo, who also followed his father’s

footsteps in treating Thai citizens. In 2011, Dr. Lin Yui Fen, Dr. Lin’s daughter, returned to Thailand

from Germany, continuing her family’s business. Dr. Lin Yui Fen received her acupuncture medical

training, and is also licensed, from Germany. Since 2011, she has brought back her innovation and

wisdom from abroad to treat various diseases in Thailand until today.

Bao Zhi Tang has undergone many developments since the return of Dr. Lin Yue Fen. In 2014, Bao Zhi

Tang was completely renovated. Furthermore, during the same year, once again, we collaborated

with an Aesthetic practitioner. This collaboration widened our services to our clients who seek

medical alternatives to taking care of their health and maintaining good health. Bao Zhi Tang

established the slogan, ‚Home of Health and Beauty‘, reassuring our clients that the care and

treatments they have been receiving are of high-standard, safe, and free of side-effects. All

treatments received at Bao Zhi Tang are provided by experts who graduated with a degree in Chinese