Acne and Scarring Acupuncture

• Acne and Scarring Acupuncture (1 Session)

- Chinese Pulse Diagnosis 10 Minutes

- Acupuncture Therapy 30 Minutes

- Sterilized Needles included

Acupuncture – acne – blemish – clear face

What are the effective positions for acupuncture?

The researcher reveals the result showing that acupuncture for melasma treatment is better than the modern medicine. Women and men in the middle aged of almost of nationalities have melasma problem. The major cause is ultraviolet A and B. Thai women have to face this problem than women in other countries since Thailand has sunlight throughout the year. Acupuncture applies Chinese medicine to prevent and cure the disease by inserting needles to the acupuncture points to activate blood circulation and meridian. Acupuncture along with Chinese herb for melasma treatment is one of the interesting alternative for person who does not want to use modern medicine without side effect.  

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the organs in the body functiones reletively. In regard to skin beauty, we look at lung function because the lung controls skin system. If the lung is unhealthy, it affects blood flow and resulted in Melasma. Besides, the lung works with large intestine relatively. Thus, the person who has constipation normally have acne and dark face. From perspective of Chinese medicine, all these problems can be cured with acupuncture.

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