Erectile Dysfunction? Here Are 7 Natural Ways to Fix It

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 It’s the all important moment – you’re ready to make love - but your little friend has decided not to play along. I’m not that old yet. What’s wrong with me? Just recently I was still able to become sexually aroused. And now I’m no longer virile for goodness sake. How am I supposed to make my partner happy with the penis of a three-year-old?

I feel you man. Not being able to get an erection is an exceptionally humiliating situation, I’ve been there myself. In those tough times, we wish we were fourteen-year-olds again when our favourite body parts were real rockets. 

How terrific it was to discover that tingling feeling in your tummy, that overwhelming experience of ‘Hooray, yayyyyyy, I’m the greatest, ahhhhhhhh’.

Don’t fret! You won’t need any Viagra pills or Kamagra jelly to get your pocket rocket back. There are healthier, natural ways to make life once more as it used to be.

Read on to explore some real boosters and feel like a man again.

1.Jiaogulan – Herb of Immortality

 Sweet Tea Vine, Gynostemma pentaphyllum, Poor Man’s Ginseng, Fairy Herb – the Immortal Grass has many names that may seem odd to you, but Jiaogulan lives up to its reputation.

The Miracle Grass really does wonders. It contains amino acids, vitamins and lots of minerals plus over 80 saponins – compounds that are capable of binding with bile acids, which are critical for digestion. By regulating nitric oxide production, the fairy herb helps your friend down there get back on its feet. The right quantity of nitric oxide increases the blood flow to your member and improves sperm production and motility into the bargain. 

It improves your central nervous system through its antioxidant qualities and boosts your immune system. In my case, everything that supported my immune system has turned out to be a willy lifter. Speaking of lifters, the anti-aging herb also has anti-anxiety, anti-depressing, anti-cancer and many other qualities that would go beyond reasonable length of this article.

In a nutshell, this anti-many-vexatious-things herb has the potential to sweeten numerous aspects of your life naturally.


  And from the Poor Man’s to the Rich Man’s Ginseng that has to grow for 5 years before it can be used as a high-quality supplement.

With only 28 saponins, you may think ginseng is no match for Jiaogulan in terms of helping your silent flute to become a powerful instrument again. Though studies have shown that especially Korean red ginseng is an effective alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED).

Much like its saponin fairy brother, it can also perform other miracles: the ginseng for the wealthy has anti-cancer, anti-depressant and anti-whatnot characteristics as well. 

Suss out which ginseng is best for you. Try one for 2 weeks, take a 2 week break, then try the other for 2 weeks, and keep an erection journal during the trials so you can compare your notes after your experiment is finished.

3.Chinese herbs

 When it comes to concocting an effective aphrodisiac, many a practitioner of Chinese medicine knows what to come up with. 

The first time I popped a long, rose-coloured pill I’d got from a reputable alternative medicine clinic, I fell head over heels in love with that magic bullet. Its effect was so astonishing that in fact, it was overkill. My pathetic little thing had matured into blue steel that wouldn’t go limp for 2 hours.

I didn’t have a clue as to whether Dong Chong Cao, Deer antler velvet or a ton of ginseng was responsible for this phenomenon. Quite often, you don’t even know what the ingredients are. If you’re anything like me, this doesn’t really bother you as long as they’re herbal.

Just make sure you choose a reliable clinic, not some dubious practitioner in a shady backyard. Check out their reviews or look for independent reports on Google to prevent disappointment.

This stuff isn’t very cheap, but if you’re willing to invest a little more than you’d expect, you might end up with great sexual performance.



A fungus found in the Himalayas, Cordyceps has been used since ancient times. 

Its effect on brain functions responsible for generating sexual craving is one of many benefits, leading to an increased libido.

High cholesterol levels may cause atherosclerosis, which is a narrowing of the blood vessels. And this is the major cause of erectile dysfunction. So, with regard to masculinity, your cholesterol level shouldn’t be too high. 

Guess what, Cordyceps can help decreasing that. Besides, this fungus, which is nowhere near as mouldy as a flaccid penis, stimulates your sex glands. 

In other words, if you let this fungus increase your testosterone, you might rediscover what feeling young is like. Unfortunately, good Cordyceps doesn’t come cheap either, but it could be worth its price.



One more mushroom that may help treat male impotence is reishi. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial features can boost your immune system.

This mushie has proved to reduce stress as well, which is another factor that could be crucial for whether or not your sex drive is healthy.

This bitter, woody stuff tastes like unwashed feet, but if you can get past the flavour you might be very pleased with the results.



A yellow spice with medicinal attributes, turmeric contains curcuminoids, the most important of which is curcumin. A powerful ingredient with strong anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects, curcumin boosts blood circulation.

A study published by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported auspicious results with topical ointments made of turmeric powder. 

Apparently, it can help treat erectile disorders, and the chemical compound curcumin is the key factor. The study proved that curcumin, much like Jiaogulan, increases the blood flow to your reproductive organ.

However, using turmeric as a spice will not suffice if you want to see an improvement in your sexual drive. 

For one thing, turmeric’s content of curcumin isn’t very high, and for another, even a supplement rich in curcumin fails to bring about all its potential effects. What you’ll need in addition is a black pepper supplement. Its natural substance piperine helps your body absorb curcumin into your bloodstream.

Taken together with black pepper pills, a turmeric supplement did improve my libido. However, I was keen on getting even better results, so I experimented with one more product, an oily one.

7.JCH Essential Oils Mix

 JCH essential oil is a mix of sunflower and olive oil, as well as unadulterated essential distillates made of carnation, thyme, peppermint and bitter orange. 

JCH essential oil combined with JCH synergy vegetation (consists of tea tree oil, Italian strawflower, camphor tree, Labrador tea) is an incredible booster for your immune system. 

I take it regularly and have noticed a significant improvement in my sexual drive. Like all mentioned products, these essential oils have many other health benefits as well.

General practitioners will probably ridicule me for writing this, but what do they know? 

Yes, it’s possible that you have an underlying medical problem, but it could also be a lifestyle or personal issue, or perhaps a side effect of medication. Whatever the cause for a loss of libido is, only you can tell what works best for you. 

You can also mix several of the products I have recommended here. This might do the trick. To be fair, that’s what I did anyway as I was eager to get the best possible results. 

But….Be sure to check with your practitioner if there are any contraindications or even drug interactions with other medication you may be taking.

Now google some Chinese Medicine clinics or find a competent naturopathic physician. Who knows, you might be saying bye to a flagging libido rather sooner than later.

Philipp Meier , Writer

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